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Product Brief(产品简介):

Infrared thermal imaging of coal yard Temperature monitoring system is an important means of temperature measurement management in coal yard. It can timely understand the heating status of coal stack, take early measures to eliminate the occurrence of spontaneous combustion of coal stack, and prevent the serious consequences of spontaneous combustion of coal stack in coal yard.


Product Name(设备名称):

  Infrared thermal imaging of coal yard Temperature monitoring system


Product model(设备型号):FRECIRCAM  SYSTEM


Product Case Picture(产品案例图):



Product Application(产品应用): All kinds of indoor or outdoor coal bunkers for coal bunker fire warning


Product Overview(产品概述):

The infrared thermal imaging temperature monitoring system developed by our company utilizes the principle of infrared thermal imaging technology and integrates the functions of image monitoring and temperature warning to realize the purpose of monitoring the spontaneous combustion, fire and other abnormal events of coal piles and effectively reduce the losses caused by the spontaneous combustion of coal piles. The system combines the latest application technology in today's monitoring field, which can realize remote network transmission and control of monitoring data.


system composition(系统组成):


Technical parameters(技术参数):

Thermal imager(热像仪):

Image viewing Angle/minimum focal length 53º x 38º

Spatial resolution 0.5mrad

Resolution is 0.05 ℃ temperature at 30 ℃

Detector type uncooled focal plane

Resolution 382 x 288 or 640x480

Working wavelength 8 ~ 14um

Thermal response time <4ms

Image frequency 80hz

Image transmission network

Focus adjustment: automatic/electric/manual

Video is recorded, software implementation (infrared video)

Photo recording, software implementation (infrared heat map)

- 20 to + 250 ℃ temperature range

2% of the temperature measurement accuracy of plus or minus 2 ℃ or reading

Visible light HD camera(可见光相机):


Camera element 1/3 "double scan HD color CMOS  1920*1080

Zoom times 23 times optical magnification

Built-in lens F=3.9-89.7mm

platform  parameters(云台):

level of rotation Angle 0° ~ 355°; Vertical - 60°~ 15°

Rotation speed level 9°/ S; Vertical 5 °/ S

Communication interface RS485

Communication protocol industry V0.0, industry V1.0,

Pelco-p, pelco-d

Communication baud rate is 2,400/4,800/9,600/19,200 BPS

The preset position is set as required


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